Distance from Rhodes Town: 10Km

The village of Kalithies offers narrow alleys and numerous monuments. The oldest written mention to this area comes from the year 1474 and the village is referred to as "Calathies" or "Calaties", probably because of the plant "kolythos" or "kolytea" which flourishes in the area. Here you will find the church of the "Metamorphosis of the Savior", who's iconostasis is estimated from the 16th century.
The "Eleousa Monastery" is waiting for you on the west side of the village. Two blazons from the time of the Knights will meet you at the entrance, while in the inside you can find some unique and spectacular murals. You should also not neglect visiting the stalactite cave of St. George, which is the oldest known Neolithic dwelling on the Island.

Visit the Church of the Honorable Cross and enjoy the unique panoramic view towards the village. While leaving the church, stop at one of the numerous traditional coffee shops, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Remember! Time here does not matter!

If you happen to be on Rhodes in September, you must not miss the festival of the Honorable Cross. It is one of the most spectacular festivals on the island.