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This is really an amazing ride. The best time to start with the ride is about approximately 17.30 hours. You can watch the sun go down, while you are riding a horse. It is also possible to go earlier. The ride to the beach lasts one hour and a half, which is good to do because this ride is not to short or to long. This ride will cost you 30 Euro each. First, you go up the Psalida Mountain, where you see beautiful views of the rocks, trees and sky. You pass olive trees and follow a path where you and your horse walk under the bridge. This path leads you to the Traganou Beach. It is also possible to gallop on the beach but you have to tell us this in front. This is because only then we can plan the time and the ride. Fivos riding center until now is the only riding center that organises rides to the beach. It is also possible to choose a shorter ride. This horse ride is on the Psalida Mountain and lasts about an hour. It offers you lovely and beautiful views. Horse riding is the perfect remedy to forget everything and just be one with nature and the horse.

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Horse ride to the beach.