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We are Dimitri and Mike and together we own Fivos Riding Center. You can find Fivos Riding Center in Faliraki. When you drive to the riding center, you will notice that when you leave the road, you enter an earth road that leads you to the middle of nowhere. Here you find Fivos Riding Center. It is the perfect location. The nature is beautiful with the mountains, trees and it is nearby the beach. It is peaceful and quit over here. The stables are all made of wood. We really love our horses and we treat them with love and care. This you can see because we keep the horses looking healthy and very well behaved. We have a tight relationship with the horses. The horses even call out for Dimitri when he comes to the riding center. When you arrive, the dogs will greet you. The dogs are very sweet and give you a warm welcome. Rula and Dimitri also work as an instructor on the riding center. One of them will join you on the ride. We have 6 horses you can ride on. And we have one pony for a ride. You ride in groups so you can take your friends with you. It is located near to the Venezia Hotel in Faliraki.

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Who we are